Lois Wooster Gopin


















These paintings are no longer available.



Digital reproductions on these web pages do not accurately reflect the true color and quality of the work. 

Please click on pictures to enlarge.  All paintings are oil on canvas.




Portland Head Light 11x14        Mom's Crocheting 12x16           Maine Seagulls 12x16 



 Feeding Time 12x16                Penned Up 11x14                Quiet Pasture 12x16          Country Soup 14x11




  Autumn Cove 12x16             Raggedy Andy & Pals 12x16          Muscongus Bay 11x13                  Fall Bounty 14x18   




   Bonding 12x16                  Cautious Moms 16x12       Crockery & Pears 9x12             Rugged Maine 11x14




       Apples  9x12                     Cherries & Tea Cup 9x12               Dad's Things 14x18                 Mother & Calf 8x10 




 Fall Pasture  12x16                  Cows Resting  11x14                   Spring Pasture  11x14               Quiet Pasture 12x16




  Lady Cardinals 11x14         True Blue Friends 16x12     Fruit & Flowers 11x14               Morning Coffee 10x14




   Copper & Lemons 12x16              Kitchen Garlic 11x14                   Fall Reflections 12x16               Belted Galloways 12x16




Crockery & Onions  14x18          Empty Bottles 14x18                  Rugosa Roses   14x18                 Blue Pitcher 11x14